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Custom motors built in hours? Absolutely with CustomPDQ.

Whether you're a distributor or an OEM you may be one of the thousands of clients worldwide that already rely on our quick-turnaround custom motor manufacturing facility.

Whether you or your customer needs an immediate solution for the acidic environment of a copper processor in Chile or the extreme humidity of a kiln dryer in Canada or perhaps a special multi-speed combination or low speed motor, CustomPDQ provides the answer.

PDQ Modular Production Program
Custom Multi-Speed, Low Speed & Modified Motors, One or Several at a Time on a Quick Turnaround basis.

CustomPDQ's "Modular Production"
inventories many specially designed and standard components to make almost any imaginable NEMA frame multi-speed or low-speed motor available when you need it.

Quick Turnaround - CustomPDQ can provide quick answers to inquiries and fast turnaround for orders of highly customized motors.

Full fact acknowledgment
- With CustomPDQ all custom motors are promptly and fully acknowledged upon receipt of order. The acknowledgment includes the complete motor specification pricing and shipping date.

Whether for everyday or not-so-everyday needs, CustomPDQ gives you the ability to say "YES" to requests for "customerized" motors.
All CustomPDQ motors are:

• built from new frames.

• constructed with Class H materials.

• carry full CSA and UL approvals (also IEEE, NEMA, and ISO).

• delivered as quickly as you need them.
CustomPDQ is a service of REGAL Canada, a subsidiary of Regal Beloit Corporation
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